What is SEM and how to execute a SEM campaign?

In the following Growketing article, we will discuss one of the best strategies to accelerate the positioning of our website: carrying out a SEM campaign. This type of paid strategy is usually executed through Google Ads and is known for its effectiveness in generating visibility and traffic to our website. What does a SEM campaign […]

Google Ads Updates: The Changes Ahead

Google Ads is bringing in some very significant updates. Starting from February 2021, the concept and scope of broad match modifier and phrase match are being modified.  The change incorporates the broad match modifier’s tools into phrase match, expanding its reach by considering the meaning of keywords and making it show up for searches that […]

Google Ads News: The Wait Is Finally Over!

Kathleen here, and lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from creative entrepreneurs who aren’t sure whether they need a business coach or a brand platform. The short answer: you’re going to need both.

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