Revenue Operations

Our Revenue Operations service develops a strategy that aims to improve not only revenue but also profitability. We break down silos and integrate sales, marketing, and customer success actions to maximize revenue.

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What is Revenue Operations?

Revenue Operations involves concrete, collaborative actions across different areas of a company to enhance profitability. It’s about aligning different teams and their objectives, promoting data transparency to reduce friction, and increasing the speed of growth.

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Matías Luis Carrillat


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Matías Luis Carrillat


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What can we do for your business?

Revenue Operations Review (RevOps)


We begin by identifying friction points in the sales flow across different areas of the company to create a unified operational framework. This framework encompasses everything from capturing a new prospect (lead) and closing a contract to preventing the loss of an active client.

Strategy Definition


We outline and implement a comprehensive strategy that starts with a theoretical framework, such as defining Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and buyer personas, which are reflected in CRM and structured data.

Powered by Data


We establish a data construction framework. And we generate reports to make decisions and uncover insights that help increase revenue.

Why Implement Revenue Operations?

  • Aligning objectives across areas, resolving frictions, and designing an automated growth process allows you to gain a strategic advantage over the competition. Deliverable: Documented processes in PDF format, flow diagrams, and segmentation property structures.

  • Enhancing current process and the customer journey. Deliverable: Customer segmentation structure applied and implemented in CRM.

  • It’s like hiring a full-time employee, but better. We deeply involve ourselves in your operations without the risk and with a lot of experience. We dive deep into your operations with low risk and vast experience across various industries.


Expansive Experiences:

Mi Belleza

It is a new beauty, makeup, cosmetics, and personal care ecommerce platform in Uruguay.




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ROAS compared to the best month of the year


It is the leading Regtech company providing solutions for regulatory compliance.


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What’s the Difference Between Revenue Operations and Sales Operations?


While Sales Operations primarily focuses on optimizing sales operations, Revenue Operations goes beyond by also integrating marketing and customer success areas. Revenue Operations aims to align and coordinate all these functions to jointly maximize revenue and profitability.

How Can Revenue Operations Improve Customer Retention?


Revenue Operations enhances customer retention by identifying potential friction points and user experience issues that could impact the sales cycle. Through collaborative efforts, sales and customer success teams can provide a more satisfying and personalized experience, thus increasing customer loyalty and reducing churn.

We are one of the three agencies in LATAM participating in Google’s International Growth Agency Program.

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