Google Ads News: The Wait Is Finally Over!

Kathleen here, and lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from creative entrepreneurs who aren’t sure whether they need a business coach or a brand platform. The short answer: you’re going to need both.

Ariel Ben

01.02.20 Business 1 min


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# Configuration Sync # GoogleAds # MCC

All of us who work with #GoogleAds have always had the problem of constantly deploying and rearranging columns when switching accounts: but not anymore!

With a new update, we can now synchronize the configuration of one account to the global #MCC.

These are some of the preferences that can be synced: Period, Page Size, Home Page, and table-related issues like column order and sorting, segments, and metrics.

In the first comment, we’ve left the support link for more information. Follow us to stay up to date with #DigitalMarketing news and much more. Growketing

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