Lead Form: How to Get Quality Leads

Discover how to obtain quality leads with Google Ads’ Lead Form Extension and boost your campaigns.

Ariel Ben

13.07.21 Business 3 min


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Obtaining quality leads is one of the most important goals for the vast majority of businesses. Where and how to find them are the most frequently asked questions within companies, as the ways of interacting with users constantly change. 

In the context we live in, new communication channels and ways for users to connect with brands emerge every day.  Lead form extensions are one of them, and today we want to talk about them.

The more contact channels you have, the greater the chances of being considered. One out of three consumers chooses to buy from a company that offers multiple contact. 

Today, it’s not enough to have social media channels, email addresses, or an optimized Google My Business account. It is essential to create means of contact in every contact situation that arises. 

This is even possible in Google Ads ad campaigns. Lead form extensions allow your brand to collect relevant data from users with a high likelihood of converting. 

Thus, it’s possible to create a form with standard questions that you can choose from over 50 available options, according to your brand’s needs. These extensions can be incorporated into both Search and YouTube and Discovery campaigns. 

Now, once a person has registered and provided their information, the next step comes, which is much more critical. Performing detailed and personalized follow-ups is the final touch that will lead the user to convert. 

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