2022 Google search trends

Hoy te presentamos cuáles son las 4 tendencias de búsqueda de Google 2022 y cómo deben reaccionar los profesionales de marketing.

Andres Chaul

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Google Search Trends 2022

Delivering meaningful, fast, and consistent experiences is a priority when it comes to simplifying users’ lives. For this, it is essential to understand their new needs and find ways to satisfy them. When thinking about digital journeys, marketers often focus on optimizing all types of campaigns. However, there is a factor that is just as important: The post-click optimization of these campaigns, that is, the process that ensures that a higher percentage of users who arrive at the site complete the sale. That is why today we bring you 6 issues that an e-commerce cannot neglect:

1. User experience and interface design

Its optimization represents the greatest opportunity for improvement within e-commerce of mass consumer goods (CPG). To increase the chances that a user will actually make a purchase and even revisit a site, everything they interact with must be designed to maximize their online experience.

For this reason, e-commerces must eliminate all kinds of friction throughout the user’s journey to purchase, such as pop-ups or informative notices that are not important. In fact, when a user interface is well designed, the conversion rate can increase by more than 200%.

2. Take care of the first impression

It is essential to boost the loading speed and web performance. That means paying attention to technical issues that can lead to high abandon rates from very slow loading speeds. In this sense, it is not enough to check a single metric, but it is necessary to time each of the moments that can affect the user’s perception of speed.

3. Question of money: the concern for the economy

Great economic difficulties such as the increase in inflation are one of the reasons that most alter society. That is why many people use Google searches to calm their concerns, find out what is best to manage our economy and plan for the future. It is for this reason that there are searches that have gained popularity such as «price of electricity» or those linked to social pensions, early retirement, among others.

Therefore, marketers must understand the issues of the economic landscape and personal finance. It is important to bring real value to customers and to the company as a whole. Consumers expect brands to try to help and appreciate that promotions, special offers and discounts.

Also, as companies are also experiencing difficulties, the marketing department must collaborate with the financial teams to obtain good results. Ideally, set a common goal, such as revenue or profit, and assign values ​​to different conversions to determine the results you’re looking for.

3. Airplane mode

Pandemic restrictions and the war in Ukraine have raised ongoing concerns about international travel. Searches linked to “last minute trips” have had a great increase. In addition, if we have to identify a favorite day for users to plan and search for trips, it is Sunday, since it has an increase of 15% compared to the other days of the week.

Those who are encouraged to travel in the face of these difficulties, decide to do so without extra worries. That’s why travelers are looking for all-inclusive travel options. Searches for «all-inclusive» vacations exploded. Despite these encouraging data, it does not mean that every trip that is sought will come to fruition. But it is a great revelation that people have not stopped dreaming despite everything.

Consumption habits change constantly. It is essential that marketers are vigilant in order to react in time to changes in behavior. A great tool is the Google Ads Insights page which is updated daily and helps identify new trends. Following the fluctuations will allow you to provide real value to customers in times of change.

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