How to turn your company into a true brand with purpose

En esta nota vas a encontrar tips claves para poder convertir a tu empresa en una verdadera marca con propósito.

Agustin Rodriguez

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Do you want your brand to be unforgettable and irreplaceable? Consumers expect much more from companies than they were used to offering through their products or services. They seek authenticity, meaningful and sustainable action for the good of society and the planet. Even the context of the pandemic only reinforced these expectations.

A good start for this journey is for you to answer how your brand contributes to these three key pillars to create meaningful actions:

– Functional benefit: What does the brand’s product or service provide? What specific aspect does it solve?
– Personal benefit: How does it help people’s lives? How does it make them feel better? How do you accompany them?
– Collective benefit: How does it contribute to society? How does it produce local, regional, and sometimes even global change?

When answering each question, it is important to keep in mind that you can always modify the purpose according to the evolution of the company, but without moving away from the original axis. It is also key to set realistic goals to avoid frustration in the work team.

4 opportunities to know what consumers expect and build trust:

– Users expect more meaningful actions. A good turn is to take inspiration from retail, home entertainment, and technology companies that have improved their brand value to consumers during the pandemic. For example, fast delivery is something that consumers are very interested in.

– It is an opportunity to generate meaningful connections that reduce the stress of consumers’ daily lives. Greater savings, therefore a greater monetary increase is something that will always be very attractive.

– It is a time to focus on the habits of Generation Z and earn their trust by being transparent. We know that Generation Z doesn’t mind breaking the rules and that inclusion is one of their priorities. Their main need is the reduction of inequalities. Therefore, he falls in love with those brands that encourage diversity and talk about current social problems.

– Making relevant content will be your best ally. In the age of information overload, we have to analyze what we say and prioritize the information. We have to convey a message that reaches the audience clearly and quickly and that, at the same time, has an impact. Capturing the interest of the audience is the goal.

Generating and being encouraged to implement a strategy that is capable of transcending the particular objectives of the company towards others that are social and collective is the first step to take to save your brand from indifference.

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