6 aspects every e-commerce should consider

En esta nota te vamos a contar sobre la cultura de optimización y cuáles son las 6 cuestiones que un e-commerce no puede descuidar.

Agustin Rodriguez

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Delivering meaningful, fast, and consistent experiences is a priority when it comes to simplifying users’ lives. For this, it is essential to understand their new needs and find ways to satisfy them. When thinking about digital journeys, marketers often focus on optimizing all types of campaigns. However, there is a factor that is just as important: The post-click optimization of these campaigns, that is, the process that ensures that a higher percentage of users who arrive at the site complete the sale. That is why today we bring you 6 issues that an e-commerce cannot neglect:

1. User experience and interface design

Its optimization represents the greatest opportunity for improvement within e-commerce of mass consumer goods (CPG). To increase the chances that a user will actually make a purchase and even revisit a site, everything they interact with must be designed to maximize their online experience.

For this reason, e-commerces must eliminate all kinds of friction throughout the user’s journey to purchase, such as pop-ups or informative notices that are not important. In fact, when a user interface is well designed, the conversion rate can increase by more than 200%.

2. Take care of the first impression

It is essential to boost the loading speed and web performance. That means paying attention to technical issues that can lead to high abandon rates from very slow loading speeds. In this sense, it is not enough to check a single metric, but it is necessary to time each of the moments that can affect the user’s perception of speed.

3. Measurement, monitoring and definition of objectives

Oiling the measurement process is key when it comes to achieving the culture of continuous improvement that users currently demand of all brands. What is not measured can not be improved. Within the wide possibilities offered by digital analytics, in the case of e-commerce, it is particularly important to measure in detail and precision the degree of progress of users in each of the purchase stages on the site.

In this sense, having the “Purchase Behavior” and “Purchase Processing Behavior” reports correctly implemented and frequently used allows you to obtain insights to continually optimize the site’s conversion rate.

4. Brand positioning, building loyalty and trust in users

Consumers quickly detect if a site belongs to one brand or another. This predisposes them to buy from that «official site» because of the quality that they once verified in physical stores. That experience manages to go beyond the screen because it is stored in people’s memory of purchase.

For this reason, it is crucial that all those easily recognizable brand attributes in the offline plane be transferred to the online world to take advantage of the trust already built with users in the physical plane.

5. Knowledge of star products and proposal of offers and promotions

Users value and are quickly well impacted by the product mix proposals, promotions and offers that brands offer. This can be capitalized on if it is accompanied by an optimal UX development that emphasizes what brands know how to sell.

6. Technological solutions for the long term

It is the resource that most successful companies choose for their ecommerce because they are aware that the viability of online business depends on the ability to achieve volume and scale.

Regardless of the size and budget of each company, the truth is that the culture of optimization takes time and demands dedication, but it achieves direct and measurable improvements in business results.

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