What Generation Z Watches on YouTube and Why It Should Matter to Marketers

In this article, you will learn about the 4 YouTube aesthetics most preferred by Generation Z and why they should not be ignored.

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29.04.22 Business 4 min


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When it comes to generations, it’s not all about millennials. The new focus is on Generation Z. Those born between the mid to late 1990s and early 2010s have recently become the most populous generation in the world. One of the main goals of youth culture is to create an identity, and style is their favorite tool for doing so. This is clearly evident on YouTube, where videos discussing styles garner millions of views. Each individual belongs to a specific aesthetic, which includes a certain type of music, fashion, design, and primary identity.

To connect with Generation Z, marketing specialists must understand how they use online content to shape their identity. It is crucial to approach generational types and understand their keys. That’s why in this article, we’ll tell you about the 4 most successful aesthetics on YouTube, each surpassing 5 million views.

1) Cottagecore: Embracing Simplicity

This rural aesthetic consists of handmade fashion, candles, flowers, and earthy tones. It gained popularity among Generation Z in 2020 when videos with “Cottagecore” in their titles reached up to 50 million views. Since then, its recognition has been on the rise.

Dark Academia: Secret Societies for Students

This aesthetic is a mix of Victorian fashion and academia. Those who embrace this style want to be seen as students while being prepared to solve nighttime crimes. Dark Academia encompasses a Gothic murder mystery university novel vibe.

3) Royalcore: Lavish Monarchies with a Gothic Touch

Similar to Dark Academia, but with a key difference: instead of emulating students, young individuals seek to resemble royalty. The Crown series and Marie Antoinette movie are believed to be sources of inspiration for this aesthetic.

4) Y2K: Nostalgia for the Turn of the Millennium

Strongly inspired by late 90s and early 2000s fashion. This style, chosen by some Generation Z youths, has many variations. Some draw inspiration from boy bands, while others from Paris Hilton.

Why Should the Most Successful Aesthetics for Generation Z Matter to Marketers?

We have only shared a general idea of some of the most popular styles, but there are many more alternatives to discover, shaping the identities, ideas, and interests of the world’s most populous generation. For marketers (whether Generation X, Z, Centennials, or Millennials) to genuinely connect with Generation Z, it is essential to understand what defines them, and aesthetics are a significant part of it. 

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