Visibility: A Key Metric

Discover the importance of one of the key metrics when analyzing any campaign and positioning your website: visibility.

Tomas Riquelme

17.06.21 Business 3 min

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When analyzing campaign performance, we have many diverse digital marketing metrics that provide relevant information about the functioning of our ads. Today, we want to talk about one of the most important indicators: visibility. 

Visibility: One of the Most Important Metrics

Visibility is a crucial variable in any type of strategy. It is the most used metric for evaluating a branding campaign aimed at building a brand, as longer viewing time leads to greater recognition. However, it is also essential to consider it for measuring other objectives. 

Within brand branding campaigns, visibility stands out as one of the most important variables. When the objective is brand recognition, this metric becomes fundamental for positioning not only a  campaign or brand itself but also a website. 

For performance campaigns, for example, visibility is also a relevant indicator. This is because ads that are not seen cannot generate results, although it may sound obvious. An ad doesn’t need to register clicks to be considered effective, but it is crucial to pinpoint the conversions that occur after viewing it. 

These two examples highlight the importance of this metric in campaigns, although it is not always given the same importance. 

Despite its relevance, it is a value that is not always measured with the same criteria. This can lead to erroneous conclusions and misinterpretation of data. 

We propose the definition created by the MRC and IAB: 50% of the ad must remain visible for at least one second if it is a graphic ad or two seconds if it is a video. However, if the ad plays while the user is browsing in another window, that impression will not be considered visible.

What does your company understand as brand visibility? Do you believe it is important to unify criteria? We want to know your opinion!

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