Three Tools for Female Entrepreneurs

Three free tools for female entrepreneurs to grow their business and enhance their brand reach.

Matias Luis Carrillat

22.06.21 Business 3 min

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In Latin America, and around the world, the gender gap persists and became even more evident during the pandemic. The year 2020 directly affected millions of women.

Inequality in household and caregiving tasks worsened, and women were the ones who lost their jobs the most. Informal or unregistered workers were also negatively impacted as activities were suspended.

On the other hand, those who managed to sustain their sources of income experienced a significant negative impact on productivity due to increased unpaid domestic responsibilities.

The data is disheartening, indeed. Nevertheless, the pandemic also served as a catalyst for many women who decided to start their own businesses, putting their skills and talents into play.

Today, we want to provide female entrepreneurs with some free and simple tools to boost their businesses and create new job opportunities.

Tools for Female Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is never easy, especially in this context. But here, we bring you some Google tools that will make your journey easier:

Google My Business: With this tool, you can position your brand in search engines and provide all the necessary information users need about your business.

Additionally, using the Local Opportunity Finder, your venture can appear among personalized suggestions. You can even feature “women-led” as a characteristic!

Marketing Kit: If you lack resources or time for design, you can access this site through your Google My Business profile. Here, you will find templates, editable design pieces, and everything you need to start creating your brand’s aesthetic.

Create Your Own Website: Google My Business allows you to easily create a website with all the information from your business profile. This site is straightforward, but it offers the option to include buttons for calls, messages, reservations, or whatever suits your business best.

Once you’re established on the web, Google Ads is one of the best ways to reach more people. With different ad formats, you can advertise your brand and products, though this option requires payment.

If you are a female entrepreneur, share with us other tools that you find useful when boosting your business!

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