Client: UCEMA

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What we worked on

Ad Management and Strategy

A detailed work on Kewyords for search, strategical remarketing and display ads with high conversion rate.

Comparative Analisis

An in-depth reaserch on what the competition is doing and precise asessment of how each keyword is performing.

UX Improvement on Landing pages

Continuous Improvment of landing pages in order to improve the conversions and the signups of the posible alumni.

Real ROi and Transparency

A fluid communication with the oprganization in order to have the correct information comparing Google Analytics data with the real conversion rate based on the sign-up data directly from the source.

Let's talk about the results


Organic traffic


CTR Increase


New users

UCEMA - COLLEGE CEMA (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The prestigious college from Buenos Aries was looking for ways to obtain more Interested signups from their digital channels. From 2017 to 2018 there were several different landing pages that we had started to work on. The amount of sign-ups went from 1977 to 2236. By 2019 we raised that number to 3360 compleated signup forms.

There were great improvements in the CTR going from a 2.55% to a 5.07%. An in 2019 that metric rose again to 5,92%.


AD Managment and Strategy

The initial approach we had with the organization was to comunicate and understand that this process of having to respond in an agile and conected way with all these new requests and questions was going to be a team effort. They had to have a specialized team working on this from their side because of the amount and volume of the new requests and posible sign-ups. The key was to have volume and a fast and agile response time. 

The landings we worked upon were improved in several ways: We worked in improving and simplifying the signup form, optimize the loading speed and times as well as making them mobile friendly, lastly the correct setup was made in order to have remarketing campaigns work properly. Every single step of the way the college organization and administrators were working alongside us so we could have the correct focus and budget. We always work in conjunction with our clients in order to accurately measure and follow in as professional and detailed way each KPI, key results and metrics. 

Comparative Analysis and Content Creationn

We began working on the basic issues of improving the keywords and the A/B testing of ads. As we observed and analyzed the current situation for the college and how their campaigns were competing against other direct competitors we worked upon the copy and the different ways we could make them better based on our experience and expertice. We went in depth and checked the way the copy was made, looked at the data and kept the most relevant and best performing keywords. Furthermore, we worked thinking in the longterm and in further improvements identifying the negative keywords we had to signal and pinpoint. We also asked and managed the request for digital design assets as well as video content with UCEMA´s team in order to have high quality and formatted content for Google ads and Youtube ads. 

Every step of they way and in each campaign we were working side to side with UCEMA and their team, and after 3 years of working alongside them, we always were focused on giving them a precise, measurable and transparent service. As always we like to be in the forefront of new technologies so we tried all betas that were possible (new ad formats and new ads) that only google partners have access to maximizing the ads potential for conversions and increasing the sign-ups and completed forms.