Nearshoring: Everything You Need to Know

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Matias Luis Carrillat

29.03.21 Business 2 min

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The term “Nearshoring” is becoming more common, but what is it all about? Today, we interview Matías Carrillat, our COO in Spain, to clear up some doubts about it.

What is Nearshoring? 

It emerges as a counterpart to offshoring, a methodology of outsourcing where activities or processes are transferred to a third party located in another part of the world. This concept proposes the same services but from a location closer to the company that hires the service, allowing for a better understanding of the client. 

What are its advantages?

The main advantage is proximity, which enables a deeper understanding of the culture or language of the location, which is crucial for the successful performance of digital marketing campaigns.

What added value does nearshoring bring to brands?

On the one hand, there is greater contact, and working hours are shared, so the availability of the workers is higher. For us, it also implies a much deeper connection with the client.

It’s not just about physical proximity but also about connecting with their interests and business models. The pandemic and remote work have made geographic proximity less relevant, but what still matters and is essential for us is working hand in hand with companies, as partners rather than just an outsourced service. 

At Growketing, we work with brands from Latin America and the United States, and since we opened a new business unit in Spain, we began to integrate into this new market with all the advantages that working with this nearshoring modality brings, aiming for globalization. 

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