Mobile Experience: How to Boost Your Brand’s Reach

The use of mobile devices is increasingly prevalent, and providing an adequate mobile experience has become crucial for brands.

Ariel Ben

23.04.21 Business 3 min

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The use of mobile devices is increasingly prevalent, and providing an adequate mobile experience has become crucial for brands. In recent years, the time spent on these screens has exponentially increased, along with the number of actions or activities that can be performed on them 

During 2020, in particular, the demand for new and better app experiences skyrocketed. Designing engaging experiences is no longer just an added bonus; today, it is a commercial necessity. 

Day by day, new technologies emerge, and expectations become even higher: the online purchasing process must be smooth and frictionless throughout. 

Investing in mobile development and automation is key to adapting to a constantly changing landscape and ensuring the continuity of your company 

Today, we bring you some tips from Google to enhance and optimize your brand’s mobile experience 

How to Provide a Good Mobile Experience

Here are some insights to ensure your users have a good mobile experience. Pay Attention!

Focus on the User

Yes, data is important, but don’t lose sight of the people behind it. Try to discover what they want to achieve, their desires, and needs. 

A good mobile experience anticipates what the user wants, empathizes with them, and delivers impactful messages 

Start right now, don’t waste any more time!

The current context is unique for multiple reasons, from the pandemic to the incredible opportunities offered by technology today. 

Use all the tools provided by the environment to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about their present and future experiences. Then, prepare to exceed those expectations 

Achieving a perfect experience is challenging, but you can find ways to surpass yourself through constant testing. But don’t forget, enjoy and have fun along the way!

Invest in Your Most Loyal Users

People who have already downloaded an app spend more money than new users 

Invest in quality ads targeted to this segment. Find ways to remind users of the aspects they love about your brand, so they return and convert.

App Engagement Campaigns, combined with specific audiences, acquisition solutions, and personalized creatives, are a perfect combination to cover the entire user journey and achieve great results

Make Your Mobile Site or App Faster

The faster a site, the longer people stay on it, increasing the chances of conversion and the possibility of buying more than one product. 

Last but not least, speed is crucial to significantly reduce bounce rates. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to update your website’s support  Your users’ experience will improve as your site’s technology becomes more modern, contributing to increased engagement.

Observe Market Demands

Analyze search trends to quickly respond to users’ needs. Apps are increasingly used as assisting and helping tools, especially in difficult times. 

To provide more comprehensive solutions, partner with other brands or organizations that complement your services. Include your partners and service providers if possible. 

Don’t Neglect Communication

A significant percentage of users started using a brand because of the way they communicated with users, their innovative and empathetic approach in responding to the pandemic.

The era of mobile devices is already here; don’t be left out! 

Implement these tips to enhance your brand’s reach.

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