Method to Convert Your Marketing Objectives into Effective Actions

Today, we introduce the D-LEMP method, which is crucial in transforming your marketing objectives into effective actions. Click here!

Ariel Ben

07.06.22 Business 2 min


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We are confident that you have a clear understanding of your marketing goals. However, in such a dynamic context as the one we are currently facing, it can be challenging to determine the right path to achieve them. That’s why today we introduce you to the D-LEMP method: Leader, Team, Brand, and Product (Elizalde and Ávalos). These four essential forces can generate internal and external effects in an organization, leading it to achieve its set objectives. Let’s delve into each one of them:

  • Leader : There are mentors who inspire us to embark on significant transformations, but it’s also enriching to lead these processes of change.
  • Team : The group of individuals who accompany the leader and demonstrate that they are not alone.
  • Brand: It symbolizes the values of the organization and motivates people to act in a certain direction.
  • Product/Service : It represents the tangible format of the organization’s promises.

Leadership, teams, brand, and products or services form the core that gives life to organizations. All are equally necessary factors to reach the company’s goals: a good leader is not enough without a supportive team, and having a good product is not sufficient if the brand system is not aligned.

Once we have identified and solidified each component of the matrix, the next step is to understand how to assemble them successfully. There are four key aspects to achieve this:

  1.  Help the business owner transform into a leader.
  2. Ensure that the group of individuals working in the company becomes a team.
  3. Improve the brand to transform the lives of those who interact with it.
  4. Ensure that consumers of the product or service have a positive experience, connecting with the company through desire, emotion, or involvement—no limits to what can be achieved!

The secret lies in aligning the leader, the team, the brand, and the product or service towards the same objective. Harmony among these components will guarantee the accomplishment of the proposed goals.

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