Learnings from Gaming Consumption in Latin America

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Ariel Ben

22.06.22 Business 4 min


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Regardless of whether your brand is part of the gaming industry or not, there’s something you should keep in mind: gamers are reinventing communication and branding. While companies try to tell stories by creating brand characters and defining their identity, gamers have spent decades dedicating themselves to and delving into narrative universes of entertainment and spectacle. With the pandemic, video games ceased to be a niche matter, and gaming consumption gained more prominence than ever. In fact, many people turn to video games as a way to relax, and Gen Z youth prefer them over social media and streaming platforms.  On the other hand, Generation Z youths prefer gaming over social media and streaming platforms.

So, how did video games escalate and become so important in society? The answer lies in YouTube, the space where new behaviors and languages related to this universe are expressed. Gaming enthusiasts consider YouTube as the platform where they find the best information about their favorite video games.

Given the current relevance of gaming, we share three key learnings that will serve as a compass to navigate the new scenario that video games are shaping. Explore the trends that demonstrate the changing communication dynamics between brands, channels, and people.

First Trend:

Sharing gaming content enhances the sense of community and breaks the stereotype of the lonely gamer. Your brand can leverage this by analyzing the type of player to work with, and even decide whether to attract new gamers or empower a select few.

Second Trend:

The aesthetics of video games are more complex and astonishing than those of cinema movies, as they represent a transition from passive fiction to active participation that involves control and the gamer’s perspective. In cinema, the viewer watches. In video games, the player is in control. While on social media, we may gain likes, in games, we experience trance-like experiences. 

We encourage you to create, develop, and participate in video games with the understanding that audiences demand mind-blowing experiences.

Third Learning:

Have you ever heard of the term “Gamenomics”? It’s a phenomenon that drives millions of microtransactions to acquire digital services and goods, ranging from armaments to landscapes. It includes the commercialization of everything imaginable in the realm of fantasy. Its growth is so exponential that by the end of 2026, global gaming microtransactions are estimated to reach USD 106 billion.

YouTube is witnessing an emerging economy surrounding the monetization of contents through streaming, subscriptions, audience data, influencers, product placement, and ads.

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