How to turn your company into an authentic purpose-driven brand.

In this article, you will find key tips to transform your company into a purpose-driven brand.

Matias Luis Carrillat

26.04.22 Business 2 min


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Do you want your brand to be unforgettable and irreplaceable? .Consumers now expect much more from companies than what they were accustomed to receiving through their products or services. They seek authenticity, meaningful and sustainable actions for the benefit of society and the planet. The context of the pandemic has only reinforced these expectations.

A good starting point for this journey is to answer how your brand contributes to these three key pillars for meaningful actions:

Functional Benefit: What does the brand’s product or service provide? What specific aspect does it solve?
Personal Benefit: In what ways does it help people’s lives? How does it make them feel better? How does it accompany them?
Collective Benefit: How does it contribute to society? In what ways does it bring about local, regional, and sometimes global changes?

When answering each question, it is essential to keep in mind that you can always modify the purpose according to the company’s evolution, but without straying too far from the original axis. It is also crucial to set realistic goals to avoid frustration within the team.

Four opportunities to understand what consumers expect and build trust:

Users expect more meaningful actions. Taking inspiration from retail, home entertainment, and technology companies that have improved their brand value during the pandemic can be a good action. For example, fast delivery is something that consumers are highly interested in.

– It’s an opportunity to build meaningful connections that reduce consumers‘ daily life stress. Increased savings and greater monetary benefits will always be attractive.

– It’s a moment to focus on Generation Z’s habits and earn their trust by being transparent. Generation Z doesn’t mind breaking the rules, and inclusion is one of their priorities. They yearn for brands that promote diversity and discuss current social issues.

Creating relevant content will be your best ally. In the era of information overload, we need to analyze what we say and prioritize information. We must convey a message that reaches the audience clearly and quickly while making an impact. Capturing the audience’s interest is the goal.

Implementing a strategy that transcends the company’s individual goals towards social and collective objectives is the first step to save your brand from indifference.

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