How to Take Advantage of Seasonality

Discover how to continue enhancing your store after seasonality.

Lucia Fluck

18.12.20 Business 2 min


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Seasonality has ended, but our work continues. Follow these tips to build customer loyalty and generate more sales:

We assume you have set up Google and Facebook Analytics with your e-commerce. Now it’s time to familiarize yourself with the reports and statistics that your store provides. You can use heat maps to identify the hotspots where your customers interacted the most.

Understanding these metrics will help you optimize your strategy during the event and for the future.

Offer easy and hassle-free returns. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate that your business cares about its customers. Make sure your return policy is clear, fair, and well-expressed. This will help build trust in your product and eliminate potential risks for the buyer, which can positively influence their purchasing decision.

Convert seasonal shoppers into year-round customers. Foster your relationship with them by staying active on social media and sending post-purchase emails to your subscribers. Additionally, you can use retargeting to capture the attention of those who interacted with your store but do not follow your social media or have not registered their emails.

Put these points into practice to boost your sales!

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