How to Adapt Your Campaigns to a Changing Audience

Excerpt: Multiplatform Analytics emerges as the solution to learn more about users in the face of increasingly fragmented buying journeys.

Ariel Ben

01.06.21 Business 2 min


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The key to a successful campaign is to create meaningful connections with the audience. However, this has changed over time as consumers evolve and their behavior varies 

Currently, it is the users who have the power to decide the purchase path they will follow, navigating through multiple platforms, devices, and formats, going through different stages of the buyer’s journey on their own terms. Today, omnichannel communication is the key piece of digital communication.

Here, we bring you three suggestions that will help you adapt your campaigns to the changing needs of your audience:

1- Approach your brand and performance objectives holistically. The same creativity can help position the brand and also provide a clear and simple path to purchase. Combining brand storytelling strategy with an attractive call-to-action can yield great results. 

2- Identifica a tu audiencia. Si tus anuncios no llegan a las personas correctas, estarás desperdiciando recursos. One way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to leverage audience intent indicators. Discover your customers’ needs and develop content that will solve them. By connecting these two points, you can enhance your strategy.

3- Find new ways to connect with your audience. Yes, users decide their purchase path, but you need to create an appealing route for them when they choose to take it. By using different ad formats, you can reach more people at various touchpoints while considering their interactions.

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