Guide for Successful Apps According to Each Sector

In this article, you will discover a guide with key best practices for creating successful apps tailored to each sector.

Tomas Riquelme

11.04.22 Business


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Generating awareness and getting users to download an app is only the first step. The real goal is to establish a genuine connection with them so that they remain interested in the app and don’t uninstall it. This means guiding users to the integration phase where they become active users, spend more time, money, and recommend the app to others. However, different people have different needs and expectations when choosing an app. To meet those needs, we share a guide with recommended practices to ensure success:

1. Retail

Stores are no longer limited to physical experiences; through apps, they have the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with consumers anytime and anywhere. These aspects are fundamental for success:

– Offer discounts to increase downloads and attract more users.
Focus on navigation, providing users with a simple and intuitive classification system that retains their search filters.
Personalize recommendations and offers to match the needs and interests of your customers.
– Include helpful features.

2. Food:

Food delivery apps not only offer a variety of foods but also provide users with convenience and the chance to explore new flavors. Here are some aspects that users seek and appreciate in these apps:

– Ability to browse menu options before creating an account.
– Efficient assistance to resolve potential issues..
Quick and clear updates on the status of their orders.
– Option to schedule or reschedule orders for better organization.

3. Financial Technology:

Offering a secure, reliable, and transparent app is crucial for any sector, especially for financial service providers. For users, this app can become a true digital ally in achieving their financial goals. Pay attention to the following aspects to create this alliance:

– Provide a simple and secure registration and verification process.
– Offer biometric identification for easy, straightforward, and reliable access.
– Enable transactions and transfers with a simple touch.
– Include transaction verification and confirmation in real-time.

4. Health and Wellness:

Physical activity and healthy habits have transcended the confines of gyms. Nowadays, people choose to exercise, have therapy sessions, or meditate anywhere and at any time. To offer a successful health and wellness app, consider these key points:

Motivate users and show them their progress to help them achieve their goals..
– Prevent user abandonment by motivating them to set new goals once they’ve reached initial ones.
Integrate social features to keep users engaged.
– Regularly update and improve the content.

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