Google Ads Smart Bidding: Three Steps to Maximize It

Branding and performance are two strategies that are gaining more and more strength. Discover more about these strategies to enhance your brand.

Lucia Fluck

06.05.21 Business 2 min

Today, we propose a new challenge in just three steps: discover how to create a digital strategy to achieve your business objectives. 

The web provides more and more opportunities to connect with customers. However, to make them work effectively, you must adjust them according to each consumer’s characteristics. If you use manual bids, this can be a tedious and almost impossible task.

Fortunately, various tools emerge daily that allow you to automate processes, thanks to machine learning. Here are three steps to help you make the most of automated bidding solutions. 

Three steps to maximize   Google Ads Smart Bidding: 

1- Select the right strategy. First, you need to define your objective, such as increasing customer actions, reducing CPA, or achieving a specific ROAS. 

Then, choose the strategy that best fits it. Options include maximizing conversions to boost the selected budget, target CPA, which can be highly useful if you have no monetary restrictions, or target ROAS, if you aim to reach a particular number of conversions. 

2- Be patient and wait for results. When implementing your strategy, don’t forget to define a time period before analyzing the results. Algorithms typically learn within a week, but this period depends on various factors, such as available conversion data or the click-to-action interval.

After the learning period, let the campaign run for a few more weeks, and during this time, avoid modifying variables. Once that period has passed, calculate how long your customers take to perform conversions: that’s what you should expect for your analysis

3- Further optimize. Automating these processes will save you a considerable amount of time that you can use to create more effective optimization strategies. 

Use the information you have about your audience to adjust creatives, improve the landing page, or design a comprehensive user experience. 

Start using Google Ads Smart Bidding and take full advantage of automation and machine learning. What are you waiting for?


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