Generation Z: Everything you need to know about their consumption habits.

Branding and performance are two strategies that are gaining more and more strength. Discover more about these strategies to enhance your brand.

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04.05.21 Business 4 min

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Generation Z, Centennials, Digital Natives. Every day we see new ways of naming the generations that are becoming increasingly important when planning campaigns or brand strategies.

Surely, you already know that defining your target audience is the first step for any strategy, but every day new segmentations and ways of grouping people emerge.

One of the groups that is becoming increasingly influential is the so-called Generation Z, or Centennials, which, although you may think they are not your target audience, will become the largest age group in the world in a few years. 

 All of this can be a bit confusing, but today we bring you some insights that can help you define your audience.

What are the characteristics of Generation Z?

There are thousands of ways to define this generation that is entirely digital-native and grew up in a context 100% mediated by technology. If we want to narrow down this segment even further, it refers to people born approximately between 1996 and 2010.

From a young age, they were exposed to all kinds of changes and technological advances that they can handle perfectly. This new generation that will soon gather the largest number of people in the world has particular purchasing habits that we need to know. Let’s discover them!

Generation Z Consumption Habits

We have already discussed some general characteristics of this generation, but now let’s focus on their consumption habits. Centennials have particular ways of purchasing and relating to brands, so you must know them well to create campaigns that directly appeal to them. 

On the one hand, their purchasing journey is omnichannel: physical stores, e-commerce, desktop. Despite being digital natives, the consumption habits of Generation Z lead them not only to e-commerce but also to physical stores or desktop. Concentrate your efforts on creating a coherent path in each of the stages. 

On the other hand, they trust micro-influencers and small communities. These types of groups create spaces for dialogue about brands and a deep emotional connection that deeply appeals to this generation. 

Centennials want to know who they are buying from. They seek to understand the brands and the values behind them. They inquire about the company before the products: they are willing to pay for the ideas they believe in. 

They usually analyze in detail before making a purchase. Generation Z values information more than pretty images: they stop and research carefully before making a purchase. 

Were you aware of these consumption habits of Generation Z? Use this information to create sales strategies directly targeted at this market segment, which will allow you to attract and conquer them.

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