Four key trends to innovate in your campaigns

Four key trends that will allow you to boost your ad campaigns

Lucia Fluck

01.03.21 Business 5 min

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In recent years, increasingly innovative strategies have been consolidating, paving the way to renew and adapt to consumer needs.

Over time, what is now considered novel will become increasingly widespread, but the brands that incorporate it the fastest will stand out and gain greater competitive advantages.

Here are four key trends to transform your campaigns.

Automation, machine learning, and data: your next allies

The expansion of these resources is the central axis on which the future of marketing is based.

On the one hand, machine learning provides data to adapt ads in increasingly personalized ways, greatly enhancing the creative processes. Moreover, this information enables brands to detect new opportunities to grow and drive their strategies 

At the same time, data helps to know audiences better and create content exclusively dedicated to them. Automation, on the other hand, allows saving time and delivering relevant information to users in need of it. 

The combination of these three elements allows brands to stand out and plan strategies closer to their consumers .

Virtual reality: the era of immersive experiences

Virtual reality can incredibly enhance the personalization of marketing strategies. This strong trend allows the audience to transport themselves to other places and, above all, to feel part of the environment, completely revolutionizing the interaction with companies.

First-person content is king. Users become part of the situation, becoming more immersed in the contexts and situations that brands present. 

A great challenge for creatives: generating new realities and situations that are attractive to users.

User assistance and tailored audiences

Personalization, as observed in the previous sections, is one of the pillars of marketing innovations. Knowing users’ behavior, their consumption, interests, interactions, and habits is the most significant source of information and inspiration to enhance ad campaigns 

If we add good audience segmentation to this, personalization further optimizes ads, adapting them to each user.

In this context, consumers reject standard content in favor of unique experiences tailored to their reality. The more data used, the more likely the message will reach the right person at the right time.

New ways of storytelling: the power of storytelling

While personalization is undoubtedly strong, it is not the only factor to consider when creating content.

Today, campaigns that manage to convey emotions and, above all, provide messages or data of interest for the stage users are in, are trending.

It is crucial to capitalize on searches and topics that are of most interest to audiences to create content that meets their needs.

Adapt your campaigns to be in line with these trends!

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