Digital Audio: A Format Advancing More and More

Branding and performance are two strategies that are gaining more and more strength. Discover more about these strategies to enhance your brand.

Ariel Ben

18.05.21 Business 1 min

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Digital audio has seen significant changes in the online advertising landscape over the past few years. New ideas emerge, old ones are revived, and innovative strategies are put into practice. 

Among these, audio ads or digital audio advertising  have gained significant traction recently, especially through platforms like Spotify. 

Not long ago, there were no platforms that brought publishers and advertisers together in one place. The buying and selling process was more complex, and the listening experience for users was far from satisfactory. 

However, the evolution of audio platforms and the growing consumption of podcasts and streaming radio have transformed the landscape of programmatic advertising and digital media planning. 

The importance of digital audio and audio advertising is steadily increasing. In this article, we’ll provide some insights to help you delve into this world. Let’s get started!

New Campaign Formats

Digital audio advertising campaigns have garnered an excellent level of acceptance, with 60% of listeners content with the advertising content they hear during their audio consumption. 

With the increasing demand and consumption of this format, there is now more material and inventory available to create new products and creative content. This not only allows publishers to develop new formats and increase their revenue but also offers advertisers a broader reach. 

This great potential is, in part, due to the incorporation of audio within programmatic advertising, which is essential for obtaining operational resources, resolving issues, and generating reports. 

Let’s discover its benefits

Benefits of Programmatic Digital Audio Advertising

Programmatic advertising campaigns enable more effective reach to desired audiences, fostering format innovation, and consolidating existing media

The main benefits of programmatic audio advertising include access to specialized and extensive digital audio material. What makes these campaigns novel is the ability to manage all inventory from a single server, along with creating standardized workflows. 

Additionally, the standardization of formats not only improves campaign performance but also reduces costs .

Last but not least, programmatic audio campaigns have the significant capability to reach the right audience at the right moment.

Spotify Audio Ads have emerged as the leading platform for digital audio advertising. 

Spotify Audio Ads have emerged as the leading platform for digital audio advertising. Though one of the more complex formats, it is also one of the most innovative, resonating with users and offering a high level of effectiveness. So, what are you waiting for?

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