Creativity in the Company: How to Generate Innovative Transformations

Power the transformation of your brand by driving creativity within the company, a key factor for innovation, growth, and resilience.

Matias Luis Carrillat

03.06.21 Business 3 min

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Nowadays, it is well-known that creativity in the company is a key factor in driving growth and resilience for brands. We live in a world of constant change and innovation, marked by a pandemic whose full effects are still not completely understood. In this context, creativity becomes a crucial element that powers transformation within organizations. 

In this article, we will discuss the importance of investing in creativity within the company and how it can take your business to new heights. 

Creativity and innovation in business world.

Transformation and innovation are a necessity in today’s business world. To achieve them, creativity plays a much more significant role than it may seem – it is the main driver of non-incremental growth .

Creativity influences various layers within companies, from shaping the external perception of the brand to long-term improvements.

It encompasses an innovative and creative paradigm that is also put into practice to boost sales, provide flexibility and autonomy in pricing, and even drive changes in user behavior. 

The impact of creativity on business results is undeniable. Companies that devise strategies through a creative process, including investments, achieve much higher returns than those that do not incorporate creativity into their planning .

This type of transformation not only helps increase the brand’s volume and recognition but is also directly involved in the internal organization processes of the brand and influences the way it interacts with customers. 

But what do we mean when we talk about creativity? What are its advantages? Let’s discover them.  

Advantages of enhancing creativity in the company:

When we talk about creativity or creative transformation, we refer to having creative thinking leading within the company and driving innovation. The organization of the company, the way of interacting with users or among colleagues, everything can be enhanced through a more creative perspective. For example, creativity in marketing is crucial. 

This new paradigm invites the reorganization of processes that may have been done the same way for years, but it promises greater efficiency and productivity. Additionally, it strengthens the relationship with users and their loyalty. 

The key to embracing this perspective is to think of novel and transformative initiatives, beyond common and usual practices. 

Not only is creativity becoming a requirement within brands, but it is also increasingly sought after in potential alliances and partners involved in different processes. 

Creativity in brands is now positioned not just as a feature that a company may or may not have, but as a paradigm from which processes can be analyzed and business growth can be optimized .

The context constantly demands adaptation. Changes in users, the emergence of innovative formats, and the discovery of new platforms are all added to it.. Creative companies are the ones that will manage to stand out and position themselves amid this dynamic and changing landscape.

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