Creative Thinking: The Keys to Apply It in Your Company

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Andres Chaul

08.07.21 Creative 3 min

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Some time ago, we talked about creativity as a paradigm that is gaining more and more ground within companies. It’s no secret that the best ideas are often born from a healthy dose of creativity, but the most effective ways to enhance this type of thinking are still being discovered.

Perhaps you have heard about this in more relaxed environments, related to other types of work. However, creativity and creative thinking can become a fundamental tool for daily work in any industry.

Creative thinking is the perfect partner for the most cutting-edge technologies. heir combination allows for the achievement of the most innovative results. Moreover, with this mindset, you will not only be able to connect with your users, but also significantly boost the work and capabilities of your internal team.

So, what is creative thinking? 

Though it may seem abstract and unattainable, in reality, creative thinking is a human skill that anyone can develop. The ability to go through a creative process   is one of the most elaborate and sophisticated characteristics of intelligence, along with the plasticity of the brain. 

Let’s get specific. Creative thinking is the capacity to learn new behaviors, adapt to circumstances, and face new challenges. This ability involves a wide range of mental processes and is characterized by generating both original and useful ideas. 

With all these features, it becomes an essential element to enhance any team’s work. Incorporating creative thinking is the ideal first step to innovate and take your brand to the next level.

Implementing all these aspects may seem complex, but don’t worry. Here are the three basic principles for incorporating creative thinking in your company.

How to Incorporate Creative Thinking in Your Company

Incorporating creative thinking in your company is not an easy task, but it’s also not overly complicated. Today, we share three foundations for developing creativity in your brand.

Let’s discover them!

3 stages of the creative process for your company

  1. Put Yourself in Others’ Shoes. Yes, it’s a basic principle of interacting with other people. However, empathy is also a fundamental condition for fostering creative thinking. Understanding people, putting yourself in their place, and grasping their beliefs, intentions, and thoughts are key to expanding your own perspective and allowing new points of view to emerge.

    This point is crucial not only within brands but also towards consumers and all individuals involved in daily work. Human contact, active listening, and engaging in others’ experiences add great value to understanding the world around you. 

  2. Create Collaborative Processes. Teamwork is essential for boosting creative thinking. Those of us working in marketing creativity know that the best ideas arise from exchange, and projects are enriched by contact with others. When well-directed towards a defined purpose, creativity bears more powerful and visible fruits.

    Moreover, combining individual efforts is highly effective in problem-solving, as it multiplies potential solutions and can even lead to superior proposals.

    To properly guide teamwork, it’s necessary to combine it with leadership that knows how to motivate effectively and ensure excellent internal communication. 

  3. Constantly Test Ideas After sharing ideas within the team, the time comes to experiment with them. With a list of solutions in hand, it’s time to analyze and evaluate them, and finally decide which one or ones will be implemented. This can be done through prototypes, A/B tests, or even conducting internal tests before launching externally. 

Creative thinking and these three principles will not only help you generate a work culture oriented towards innovation but also assist you in building bonds with your audience based on empathy. 

Are you ready to put these principles into practice?

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