Advertising on YouTube: three steps to boost your video campaigns

The future of advertising lies in YouTube, that much is clear. Discover how to enhance your campaigns with some successful case studies.

Lucia Fluck

10.06.21 PPC 4 min

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The future of advertising lies in YouTube, there’s no doubt about it. Year after year, not only the reach and results grow but also the investment from brands, resulting in increasingly creative and personalized campaigns.

At the same time, user consumption has also increased. Each person watches content that appeals to them the most, creating more opportunities for advertisers to reach them based on their interests. 

However, this leads to a situation where the video offerings become more extensive, and advertisers and content creators must constantly compete for users’ attention. 

Therefore, it means that brands must maximize their creativity to establish direct connections with users that allow them to stand out from all other content.  

In this article, we bring you three lessons from the most successful YouTube campaigns, deserving of the YouTube Works awards.

How to enhance your advertising campaigns on YouTube

Advertising on YouTube is a crucial component of any brand’s comprehensive strategy. Video campaigns can adapt to any stage of the buyer’s journey that users go through, making them one of the most versatile and effective formats in the brand’s strategy. 

To make your YouTube advertising campaigns even better, we bring you some tips from successful video campaigns. Let’s discover them!

Customize YouTube advertising according to your audience’s characteristics

This may seem like advice that has been repeated a thousand times. Customizing ads based on the audience has a direct impact on any campaign, not just YouTube advertising. 

However, the most successful campaigns on this platform aim to tailor the message to the audience’s needs. And yes, before you ask, it’s not an overly costly process. 

One of the most innovative approaches is to present ads as a complement to users’ viewing experience. Depending on the content they are seeking on YouTube, offer an ad that aligns with their interests. 

Samsung‘s Galaxy Note10 campaign is an excellent example that demonstrates this process. By making small adjustments to the creatives, the brand managed to target its ads to three different audiences, turning the ad into part of the content users were looking for.

The results of this campaign were impressive. Not only brand consideration grew but also visits to operator stores. 

Create a message that goes beyond the sales pitch

The best ads are the ones that don’t look like ads or even aren’t perceived as such. Conveying a message that goes beyond a sales pitch is crucial in generating recognition and expanding the reach of the content created. 

One way to make this a reality is by researching the formats your users spend the most time on. What type of content do they consume on YouTube? Tutorials, reviews? Who are the most popular creators among your audience? 

Use your knowledge of the audience to create a message that goes beyond your products’ offerings. This will greatly increase interaction and enhance your brand positioning.

Avon launched a campaign that could hardly be defined as an ad. hey investigated the formats most used by their consumers and partnered with relevant content creators to organize an 8-hour makeup tutorial marathon.

The results? A significant increase in both website visits and online purchases.    

Engage users in the process

The journey of creating a video campaign is lengthy but filled with opportunities to learn and interact with the audience .

Involving the audience in the product development process can be challenging, but it also offers a chance to establish deep connections through that exchange. 

Focus groups, contests, and other interactive methods allow consumers to become part of the brand’s creation process. 

This also increases expectations and makes it more interesting, thus boosting the likelihood of people sharing that content. 

Another innovative way to engage with the audience is by extending the campaign beyond YouTube advertising.

Volkswagen created a treasure hunt with clues in their ads, and the new model as a prize for the first person to decipher the messages. The ads didn’t list the product features, yet  they achieved an impressive increase in website traffic.

The most successful campaigns teach us crucial lessons to discover new ways to enhance advertising campaigns on YouTube.

Focusing on personalization, involving the audience, and delivering relevant messages are some of the most significant factors that will help your brand grow. 

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