Advantages and Disadvantages of Working with an Agency

Are you considering outsourcing your marketing services to an agency? In this article, you will learn about the pros and cons of hiring one.

Matias Luis Carrillat

07.09.22 Business 6 min


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Surely, you have wondered, when it comes to increasing your visibility and sales, what is more convenient: hiring a digital marketing agency or forming an in-house marketing department within your team. Both options can be viable, depending on the objectives and budget you plan to allocate.

However, if you are considering outsourcing the service to a marketing agency, you are reading the right article. We will explain the main advantages and disadvantages of working with an agency, providing you with the necessary information to make the most informed decision for your business.


  • Hiring an agency avoids a substantial internal investment in training, resources, and staff time.
  • Agencies provide a comprehensive service when it comes to planning, implementing, and monitoring an effective marketing strategy tailored to your business type. They employ experts with diverse skills, such as SEO and PPC analysts, web developers, design specialists, content creators, and others, who combine their expertise to achieve the set goals.
  • Agencies have experts who work daily with the resources of their discipline, enabling them to perform with professionalism and speed. In marketing, as in all technology, there are constant updates in software, programs, and applications. Agencies continuously research what the new trends, methods, and tools are to execute strategies. Staying updated is essential for providing better service and remaining competitive.
  • By providing multiple specialists to handle each client’s account, the agency ensures that no expert’s absence disrupts the workflow, guaranteeing continuous support. Therefore, the agency will never stop providing you with assistance.
  • Working with an agency and their team of experts offers flexibility to adapt quickly to changes. A new strategy and various campaigns can be devised in a short time. In contrast, transitions within an in-house team may take longer.
  • It is important to identify the stage in which your company is positioned. If your company is in the growth phase, especially for a startup aiming for rapid expansion, collaborating with an agency can accelerate the development process due to the expertise of their team.


  • As agencies are external to your company, communication may sometimes cause confusion that interferes with results. Both parties need to make an effort to improve communication. You must be clear about your objectives and provide the agency with the correct information to create and execute strategies. The agency, in turn, should ensure timely proposals and updates for aligned work.
  • Agencies handle a portfolio of clients, meaning results may be delayed or affected by demands from other accounts, depending on the volume and your adherence to deadlines.
  • The agency’s team, not directly employed by your company, may take time to understand your business and its dynamics. It is your responsibility to share information with an external resource to convert them into your partner. If you have not organized and shared this information yet, you will need to dedicate time to the process, which may impact the agency’s work results.
  • Agencies have their own way of working, rhythms, and schemes, and you will have to learn to delegate responsibilities and trust the abilities of an external resource, as you won’t have total control.

If you are still uncertain about hiring an agency, you can consider implementing a hybrid working model. Form an in-house marketing team and complement it with an agency to enhance efficiency. Combining your team’s profound knowledge about the company with the agency’s extensive experience can maximize results.

Regardless of your decision, what matters most in choosing a team (external or internal) is their commitment to getting involved, willingness to learn and improve continuously, passion for their work, and experience in similar projects.

At Growketing, we are dedicated to our clients’ growth, acting not only as external collaborators but as catalysts for their businesses. How?

  • We adapt to each client’s needs and priorities,
  • employ an entrepreneurial mindset with the Lean Startup method,
  • embrace a culture of continuous learning, and stay updated on various tools.
  • We provide immediate and specialized support with Google Premier
  • and employ agile methodologies to measure, understand, and maximize each client’s online potential. Our team is carefully selected for their expertise in various areas.

If you wish to know more about our work, please reach out. Thank you for reading!

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