6 Best Digital Marketing Trends

To help you differentiate yourself from the competition and highlight your value, we present the 6 best digital marketing trends. Take a look!

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15.06.22 Business 4 min


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We know that with the increase in startups, companies and new entrepreneurial projects, it is increasingly difficult to make a difference in the face of competition. However, there are certain digital strategies that enable businesses to stand out and gain great benefits. Today we present the 6 trends in digital marketing that you need to keep in mind. Keep reading!

1. Visual search

Image recognition technologies for a specific search are a trend that continues to be relevant. One way to apply them is to use a logo so that those who search for your company reach your website. This tool is especially popular in e-commerce as it is a great ally when selling products.

2. Advanced SEO strategies

The idea is simple: to get more visits to your site, you need to understand how artificial intelligence works. Optimizing the page and selecting keywords that allow you to gain more traffic and climb up the search ranks, are operations that will make it easier and faster to reach your buyer persona.

3. Storydoing

Involving your potential customer in a story so they experience a unique sensation when they contact you, is a spectacular and accessible way to impact them and guarantee a clear reception of your value.

4. Customer Relationship Management and Humanization

Adapting your content to each platform and finding its most human place will allow you to get the most out of each of them and, at the same time, you can expand your audience.

5. Google and Voice Search

More than 20% of all searches are done this way.

6. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

This marketing strategy has the ability to solve problems and ensure sales without the need to resort to customer service. Even, if it is implemented together with augmented reality technology, the consumers’ experience will become superlative.

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