4 Trends Left by the Pandemic

The year 2020 brought about numerous changes, but not all of them were negative. Today, we bring you some post-pandemic trends that are set to endure.

Lucia Fluck

22.07.21 Business 4 min


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It’s been over a year since we started living with this new reality that took us all by surprise, but it has already become the “new normal.” 

Despite the end being closer and hope growing, we believe that certain practices and trends born during the pandemic will persist over time. 

Throughout 2020, humanity experienced a unique event, unfamiliar and unprepared for. The past year redefined deeply rooted habits and concepts in society, such as remote work, leisure time, and even the process of making purchases. 

Amidst this change and adaptation, Google identified four practices and trends that altered the consumer experience, providing valuable insights for brand-audience relationships, which can also guide us into the future. 

Let’s discover them!

1) 100% Online Shopping Experiences, Valuable and User-Friendly

The pandemic accelerated digital transformation, that’s a fact. Having an online store is no longer merely adding value to your brand; it’s now an essential aspect of surviving in the digital ecosystem. E-commerce has transitioned from being the future to becoming a fundamental part of our present. Any brand seeking to boost product sales or service contracts must have a web store. 

In addition, users are becoming increasingly accustomed to simple, interactive, and more digital shopping experiences. This trend, resulting from the pandemic, will only deepen over time, as it brings significant advantages for users. 

2) Rise of Local Focus and Social Concerns

The confinement and restrictions in many parts of the world led people to turn to their communities. The year 2020 highlighted the value of what is physically close, evident in the significant increase in searches using the phrase “near me.” 

The post-pandemic world is also concerned about the environment, human connections, and people. A significant challenge for brands will be finding new ways to connect with users actively seeking meaningful interactions with others.  

Virtual communities played a prominent role during this time, and there’s no indication that their influence will wane; instead, it will likely be strengthened. 

3) Purchase Behavior Driven by Values

Aligned with the previous point, there is a growing trend to seek alignment between personal values and the values of the brands being consumed.Deep reflection and individual questioning were experienced, clearly reflected in consumer choices. 

We are undergoing a process in which people seek a more profound connection with brands. Purchasedecisions are intimately tied to principles and values that extend beyond products or services. For a significant percentage of users, this factor weighs much more than, for example, the price. 

4) Formats and Creativities Reflecting the Home Experience

The home became the center of all daily activities, and many practices are here to stay. Remote work or hybrid models, for example, are trends that continue to accelerate. 

This new way of living connected us with everything that happens inside every home, embracing the most intimate aspects of each individual. One of the most evident consequences is a heightened sense of empathy, fostering deeper relationships beyond the professional sphere. 

This is reflected in successful creative approaches. Sharing the reality in which we are all immersed, showing brands’ more human and sensitive side, and working towards a future with more hope are trends that have started and will undoubtedly persist over time. 

The pandemic left a profound impact on us, but part of its significant influence on people was positive. We should now seize and enhance these trends that have become part of our lives.

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