4 Key Points When Incorporating Influencers into Our Campaigns

In this article, we provide 4 points that you need to consider when working with influencers.

Lucia Fluck

18.04.22 Business 3 min


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Ever thought of involving influencers as part of a campaign? It can be a good tool to amplify a message. However, we believe that to make influencers a credible part of our marketing mix and invest in them, we need to be able to demonstrate the return they can offer us (beyond vanity metrics, i.e., “likes” or impressions). In this article, we provide 4 points that you need to consider when working with influencers:

1. Stop evaluating impressions and “likes” to measure impact

Impressions don’t clarify whether the marketing message really spread or how the audience understood it. Even often, these posts don’t spread the intended message, making the results unreliable.

Body That is, vanity metrics assign a monetary value to an estimated reach, based on a set of assumptions, and do not address the attribution challenge. It may sound like an interesting number but it is very difficult to understand its true meaning.

Something worth highlighting, though, is the repercussion in the comments on the influencers’ posts. By reading the comments that refer to our message, we can understand how the message filtered through the audience.

2. Take advantage of the benefits of long-form content

It’s almost paradoxical to think that our marketing messages can be accurately spread in static social media posts. Moreover, they’re generally complex messages that can’t be fully developed in just one minute. That’s why IGTV creators or YouTube content creators who generate long-form content are a very effective option, as our message has more room to breathe in that channel

3. Focus on brand recognition to isolate impact

YouTube BrandConnect, YouTube’s in-house brand content team, facilitates partnerships between creators and brands. It applies a data-driven approach to measure the effectiveness of the partnership between both parties.

To do this, it uses Google’s insights and measurement tools, such as Brand Interest Lift (allows advertisers to measure consumer search behavior after watching the video), Influencer Lift (for framing sponsored videos with surveys), and organic post-impression conversions. In this way, it enables the real impact and effectiveness of influencer marketing to be measured.

4. Analyze results in the context of the entire marketing mix strategy

Standardizing reports with creator partnership metrics allows for effective comparison between different channels. Having clear numbers allows us to position actions with influencers as a credible channel within the marketing mix.

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