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Matias Luis Carrillat

26.10.22 Business 7 min


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Business leaders know that the post-COVID-19 work scenario confronts them with a new era of digital consumption: companies must be prepared to adapt tothe pace of change. The way to take advantage of this new opportunity is by incorporating digital transformation when making new decisions. That’s why today we share the 3 skills of a digital leader to generate effective solutions in your company:

1. Internal Coordination

Companies succeed when digital transformation is not just the goal of an executive but when all team members unite around a common strategy and action plan. Therefore, once you establish the direction you want to go, you must work to drive that vision throughout the organization. Avoid working in isolation and instead promote cascading strategies and objectives.

Finally, each team member must be more involved in technological aspects, data privacy, and analytical processes to effectively carry out the digital transformation plan.

2. Capacity Development

Once you have achieved internal coordination within your team, as a digital leader, you should drive corporate investment in all aspects that create value in the digital realm. One way to execute this challenge without making mistakes is by leveraging customer data. However, for real insights to be gained from this data, all team members must have access to high-quality information.

Also, to achieve digital transformation, it is necessary to work in an agile manner. Through the use of productivity applications and AI-driven data analytics, you will attract new talents that will boost your company’s efficiency. You even have the option to outsource a service like digital marketing to gain greater productivity. If you’re interested, you can schedule a consultation with Lucho, our Business Developer, at Growketing.

Whether internally or externally, having specialists will allow you to build resilient businesses in the long term.

3. Always Alert Mindset

As a digital leader, you must adopt an adaptive mindset to seize every opportunity for improvement. Just as technology, markets, and consumer behaviors constantly evolve, so will your strategy regarding digital transformation. An important aspect is that occasionally, a cultural reset may be opportune to keep up with the constant readjustments.

In summary, to become an authentic digital leader, you must develop the habit of continuously evaluating and learning, invest in flexible planning, and subsequently build interdisciplinary teams. Ideally, you will also apply these lessons to your company’s culture. 

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