Three Steps to Develop a Successful Creative Intelligence

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Agustin Rodriguez

22.02.22 Business 3 min

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Creative intelligence is a necessary quality to reach customers and interact with them. What is it about? We can understand creative intelligence as the ability to personalize creatives without using third-party data and display those ads using the latest technologies to reach the right audiences, with the right message, at the right time. To generate successful creatives, they must be relevant and appealing. Here are 3 steps to follow:

1. Choose the right indicators to personalize your creatives

Currently, we are going through a process that we can call a “renaissance of contextual ads.” These are the ads that can be personalized based on easily accessible information such as date, time, weather, and even traffic conditions. This information is known as “contextual data,” which can be crucial in helping marketers develop creatives that are relevant but non-invasive.

When third-party cookies are no longer in use, advertisers can adapt to this new creative landscape by building on contextual indicators and adding their own data to audience segments. Marketing teams can even go further and include statistical models to refine audience selection and predict future behaviors. That way, they can display more relevant ads to the right audiences.

2. Invest in creativity first, then automation

It has been proven that increasing creative resources rather than technological resources can increase return on investment by 18%. To harness this potential growth, marketers will need to invest in both marketing and automation. Automated solutions can combine creative resources to deliver highly relevant ads to potential customers without teams having to spend their time and energy.

3. Adopt a “test and learn” strategy

Create dynamic ad templates to add creative elements that can be combined based on real-time indicators. In addition, technologies like the Cloud Vision API can analyze visual elements and identify which approaches work best; for example, we can determine if it is appropriate to feature a person in an ad or just the product.

As we experiment and test, insights about customers will accumulate, and new creative elements can be added to templates. The goal is to continuously implement automated improvements to create more relevant ads.

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