The Underestimation of the Mid-Funnel: The Buying Process Part Not to Overlook

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Lucia Fluck

24.01.22 Business 1 min

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Often, marketing teams focus on the initial and final stages of the consumer journey. This means that sometimes they overlook the phase in which consumers explore and evaluate available purchase options.

As an example, we can refer to the case of Google Media Lab (manages the media strategy for all Google advertising campaigns, including  Google Store). Until recently, they used various digital marketing channels to reach users but didn’t emphasize mid-funnel channels, such as display and video.

When they decided to evaluate the most impactful touchpoints for generating sales, they realized that the “last-click” attribution model (widely used currently) tends to overshadow mid-funnel marketing channels. That’s why they conducted tests with digital advertising campaigns and found that sales from mid-funnel channels had multiplied by 16 compared to those attributed to the last click.

This demonstrates that consumers need assistance when they conduct their searches since they encounter multiple pieces of information. Therefore, the mid-funnel phase is when you win or lose the customer. Incorporating the mid-funnel into your strategies becomes necessary here as it allows reminding users of the brand and highlighting product advantages. Prioritizing messages to consumers who were conducting searches will accelerate their decision-making process.

3 Key Tips for Implementing the Mid-Funnel:

Reconcile brand and performance teams in the mid-funnel to be present during consumers’ evaluation moments. To do this, consider the following tips:

  • Eliminate organizational differences.  Understand consumer behaviors and translate that knowledge into media planning. Form marketing teams that integrate both brand and performance objectives.
  • Improve the attribution model.  Reflect on changing the last-touch attribution model to a multi-channel model to better understand the incremental value of each channel.
  • Allocate part of the budget to mid-funnel marketing.  It’s crucial for aligning brand campaign objectives and performance-oriented advertising.

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