The Superpower of Marketing Specialists: Agility

Today, we’ll tell you why agility is the superpower of marketing specialists and provide you with 3 tips to acquire it!

Ariel Ben

04.03.22 Business 3 min

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All marketing specialists have the opportunity to gain a superpower: being more agile.  It’s the quality that allows them to achieve new benefits for brands at every stage of the customer journey.

When transformation opportunities are seized, companies can capture the reach or revenue that they might have lost before. That’s why we share 3 tips to gain agility in marketing:

1. Reduce the gaps between   insights, action, and impact.

The starting point for gaining agility is to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of your metrics. This way, you can choose the most appropriate actions to achieve good results.

2.  Act on the ever-changing needs of consumers and stakeholders.

Once you implement a unified dataset from various channels, you’ll start to notice trends, indicators, and customer preferences with greater certainty. This level of understanding enables agile marketing to adapt and respond to new needs and changes in behavior, both anticipated and unexpected.

3. Unlock digital transformation.

Being agile becomes a true superpower because it allows marketing specialists to make an impact beyond marketing decisions and campaigns. By combining accurate data and intelligence with an action-oriented bias, we can discover how to influence and drive changes in other parts of our company to improve them.

In other words, agility goes beyond the boundaries of marketing. It’s also present in the structure, training, and the way we guide service lines and interact with customers. Being agile involves being open to quickly testing and learning how to respond to new demands.

Thinking and moving agilely become the most critical factors that marketing specialists have to position and organize their companies, products, and marketing for the future. Data and statistics, in addition to optimizing campaigns, allow us to guide our strategic decisions, shape how budgets are implemented, and make more accurate predictions.

Marketing specialists capable of using agility as a superpower are guides who will know how to seize commercial and marketing opportunities. They are responsible for identifying growth initiatives for companies.

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