Plan for the Future of Programmatic Advertising

Today we bring you a plan for the future of programmatic advertising and 4 steps to follow to navigate the changes.

Tomas Riquelme

15.03.22 Business 4 min


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Programmatic advertising has become one of the most widely used technologies by brands to reach users. However, this technology heavily relies on the use of third-party cookies, which are losing popularity due to changing consumer privacy preferences. For this reason, many agencies are foreseeing the need to modify their advertising tactics due to future privacy changes. That’s why we share a plan with four steps to adapt to the future of programmatic advertising:

1) Test new data sources.

Some professionals plan to use or already use first-party user data to identify and measure audience metrics. On the other hand, others plan to invest more in private marketplaces where publishers offer their own data (which, for growth marketing professionals, would be third-party data).

2) Explore new environments.

A good initiative is to allocate budget to innovative advertising spaces, such as Connected TV (CTV). Thanks to tools like Display & Video 360, you can achieve extensive reach with CTV financed by advertising. There are numerous promising opportunities for programmatic ad buying.

3) Embrace automation and machine learning.

We are aware that in the future, we may collect less information from data sources. Therefore, it’s important to obtain tools from demand platforms that help fill those data gaps and ensure that programmatic campaigns offer smooth implementation and results. For example, conversion modeling can improve digital marketing strategy through new sources of measurement data.

4) Invest in new skills.

Agencies have focused on hiring personnel with new skills due to the changes in the environment. They are seeking collaborators who can train and maintain complex algorithms. One of the most common job openings is for talent with knowledge in data science to leverage new machine learning technology.

Furthermore, we believe that staying active while our environment changes can make a difference in future results. That’s why we share actions that will be very useful for navigating through this decisive moment in the programmatic sector:

  • Evaluate your data-based strategies from a privacy perspective. Identify data gaps by evaluating your media buying initiatives, audience segmentation, audience registration, ad personalization, and measurement.
  • Discuss with your partners about their preparation strategies. It is essential to have a clear idea of how the media sector and  service  partners plan to approach the new privacy-focused future.
  • Start making comparisons and conducting tests now. Adopting a trial-and-error approach at this moment is very necessary. Compare different targeting options and audience tactics.
  • Engage in conversations.  Debate key topics and possible solutions with your agencies and technology partners. This way, you will expand your knowledge and have the opportunity to contribute your vision.

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