5 Best Creative Practices for YouTube Ads

Want to generate a creative ad on YouTube? In this article, we give you 5 best creative practices to create successful ads!

Lucia Fluck

07.03.22 Business 4 min


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We know that there are some rigid rules about what constitutes an effective creative ad on YouTube. But we believe that, regardless of what tools or technologies we have at our disposal, good creativity is the main advantage of an effective ad. It has been shown that brands that are successful in YouTube ads resort to creative strategies and approaches that dare to break with the established. We understand that this may seem complex and that’s why we share 5 good creative practices for campaigns on YouTube:

1) Following basic principles helps to make smarter, more grounded creative decisions:

Ads that follow the ABCD as a guide generate a 30% increase in the likelihood of short-term sales and a 17% increase in long-term brand contribution. What is the ABCD?

Attraction: capture attention from the start.
Branding: integrate your brand naturally.
Connection: connect with emotions through brand storytelling.
Direction: clearly show a call to action.

2) There are countless types of effective ads on YouTube, and many of them don’t even look like ads

How to advertise on YouTube? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to our actions. There are many types of campaigns. However, looking at the broad spectrum of effective video ads worldwide, with various marketing objectives, we are sure of one thing: Focusing on the message and how it makes people feel is more important than what an ad looks like.

3) You can convey a direct message creatively

Thinking of the ad as the start of the user’s next action is very functional. This allows the work to extend beyond that impression. A creative way to personalize ads is to align with the user’s passion points and generate a very focused offer. We can also use ad sequences that combine six-second bumpers with longer, skippable ads. This is a resource that maximizes effectiveness.

4) The experimental approach can give us long-term benefits

An   experimental mentality is a practice that can give us unexpected good results. We have to dare to think of each campaign as an experiment. It is important to dwell on what we learn, on the new questions that arise, and ask ourselves what we can optimize.

5) Creating resources for the digital channel will allow us to succeed on all platforms

Adapting creativities for each type of platform can be something that requires a lot of resources and work. However, we observe that, if we have a digital audience in mind and capture attention immediately, and build ads for mobile devices with large text and color contrast for visibility on smaller screens, the ads will perform better everywhere, even on television.

In summary, we can say that to generate effective ads on YouTube, we must follow the fundamental principles of effective creativity, think creatively, create for digital, and take advantage of the possibilities offered by YouTube, and adopt an experimental mindset.

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