3 tips to accompany consumers in their new buyer journeys

In this article, you will find 3 tips to accompany users in their new shopping journeys and adapt to the new scenarios.

Lucia Fluck

29.03.22 Business 4 min


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Categories such as retail, technology, finance, and travel have undergone profound changes as a result of the pandemic. The context has caused  people to change their consumption habits and new trends to emerge. That’s why understanding their new behaviors and motivations is the best strategy to anticipate changes and be prepared for what’s to come. How to do it? In this note, we share 3 tips to accompany consumers on their new buyer journeys.

1. Be empathetic

Empathy not only allows us to understand the emotions and feelings of others but also to understand their points of view. Consumers experience new needs that must be supported.

Many are concerned about the hygiene of shops, others about their economy so they limited themselves to buying only the essentials and reduced their impulsive purchases. Also, several increased their loyalty with categories such as food and beauty and dared to try new brands.

The reasons that lead users to buy varied, so it is necessary to consider safety and hygiene measures, prices, and delivery speed as fundamental variables.

2. Rely on data

In the face of this new scenario of uncertainty due to new consumption habits, we can take advantage of some indications that help us to have a greater vision and understanding of the current panorama:

– In most product categories, online resources such as search, customer and expert reviews, and brand websites are considered useful and are likely to become even more consulted.
– People believe that they will increase their percentage of online purchases during 2022 especially in categories such as food and beauty.

3. Be agile

Digitally transforming the business became a necessity due to pandemic restrictions. When exploring and evaluating their options, there are multiple motivators that influence people’s decisions before making a purchase. Also, the experience of a purchase can define future decisions.

Main triggers:

Search engines are the most used medium before a purchase: 59% of Latin American consumers choose them as the most popular channel, regardless of whether the purchase happens online or in person.
– 52% of retail consumers turned to online videos  before a purchase. Among those who bought online, the average is 68% and for those who did it in person, it reaches 45%.

Consumers are looking for omnichannel experiences and demand that brands have the products they are looking for, both online and in the store. In fact, many times the journey through the store is used exclusively to learn about a certain product. In summary, convenience and good prices can make a difference.

In closing, we conclude that being empathetic, enhancing our actions through data, and being agile are today positioned as the three solutions that, integrated with creativity, best prepare us for the future.

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