3 reasons why your brand needs to be on YouTube

In this article, you’re going to find out why your brand needs to be on YouTube to generate greater digital presence!

Ariel Ben

08.02.22 Business 3 min

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More than two years since the pandemic began, YouTube has become an essential resource for people to adapt to new ways of working, learning, and entertaining. But that’s not all: Videos have become a very effective channel for businesses to increase their digital presence. In this article, we tell you 3 reasons why your brand should be on YouTube:

1. It’s massively personal

86% of users in Latin America say they have increased their consumption of YouTube   since the pandemic and choose it as one of their favorite platforms. Now, what is the key to its success?

According to a study conducted by YouTube and Talk Shoppe, the greatest value that the platform offers is the diversity of content and creators it brings together. This allows each user who accesses YouTube with a different objective, such as learning, informing or entertaining, always find what they are looking for.

2. It’s where the audiences are

Due to the passion of Latin Americans for the platform’s content, YouTube has become a channel that allows brands to be close to users. This generates solid and long-term bonds: from building awareness   to obtaining business results.

A fact to take into account when planning the strategy, is that sponsoring videos from other creators also has advantages. 37% of Latin American YouTube users assured that the content sponsored by brands makes it more likely for them to buy the products of that business.

3. Great impact on the business

It’s clear that users turn to YouTube to research before defining a purchase. Beyond being effective for brand recall, video can be a great tool to boost performance. For example, it was determined that in Mexico and Colombia, 7 out of every 10 YouTube users claimed to have bought something after seeing sponsored content in a video.

The secret to maximizing the impact of campaigns and optimizing the assigned budget is to be present on the right platform. The diversity of creators and content on YouTube allows brands to reach their customers massively but, at the same time, with very personal and direct communication at the right time. That is, when they are attentive and willing to listen to them.

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