3 key aspects for planning a good marketing strategy

In this article, we will tell you what 3 aspects you need to consider in order to plan a good marketing strategy.

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22.03.22 Business 4 min


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More than two years after the start of the pandemic, we need a functional action plan to address the changes and challenges that arose with it. In this sense, we believe that there are 3 key aspects to planning a good marketing strategy: digitalization, privacy, and sustainability. In this note, we detail some aspects to consider in order to know how to cover each one.

Digitalization: accelerate your digital development to keep up with changes

Digital is now the norm and is here to stay. We must transform operations to accompany the new behaviors, needs, and expectations of online consumers. To drive digital development, you have to focus on the following key points:

– Own data: link online and offline data sources and implement a bidirectional value exchange with users.

– Comprehensive measurement: Focus on measurement and establish predictive models that you can use to replace missing data, such as attribution and conversion models.

– Agility: leave aside data silos to react more quickly to rapid changes in consumer behavior.

Privacy: respect users’ decisions regarding their data and offer them value

The disappearance of third-party cookies positioned privacy more than ever as a priority. Therefore, we must give users confidence and guarantee them a privacy-centered experience. It is fundamental to respect their decisions and the care of their data.

To do this, we detail 3 actions to propose an effective strategy focused on user privacy:

– Giving data must be meaningful: Consumers will share their data only in experiences they find valuable.

– Sharing data must be easy to remember: Users must be able to remember that they have actively and voluntarily shared their data with brands.

– Disclosing data must be easy to manage: So that consumers feel that they still have control over their data, they must have the opportunity to consult and manage how their data is used.

Sustainability: actions are more valuable than words

Sustainability initiatives should not only cover the delineation of long-term objectives but should include concrete actions. We tell you some opportunities that we have at our disposal to support the priority that consumers give to sustainability:

– Talk about sustainability positively: Highlight the changes that your business has made and take original, transparent measures whose results you can measure. It is important to avoid deceptive statements.

– Make ecology not a great effort: integrate sustainability into your brand’s value proposition instead of treating it as an extra.

– Reward progress, not perfection: Encourage consumers’ positive behaviors by showing how they contribute to sustainability initiatives.


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