With a senior team with an entrepereurial mindset, we are the strategical partner of our clients so they can take the best result driven decisions. Through strategy and metodology we achieve every objective giving the best quality in service and transparency.
Federico Buciack

CEO | Performance Lead​

Digital marketing Consultant Ex-Google. Entrepreneur 8 years of experience in digital marketing and online business. Marketing teacher at Universidad del CEMA. Executive MBA 2019 – IAE. Mayor in business administration and marketing.UCEMA with a Post-Grad in Digital Marketing (ITBA).
Matias Carrillat

Sales Manager

Business and Marketing consultant. 7 years as a Google employee Over 10 years of experience in Digital Businesses  Entrepreneur MBA Graduate , 2018 – Di Tella. Post-Grad in International Business en Negocios Internacionales, 2014 – UCA . Business Administration Mayor 2011 – UBA.


Federico Diaz Sparta

CTO | UX Design Specialist

Ecommerce, UX, Digital Business, specialist. Entrepreneur with 7 Years of experience Teacher and Assistant of UX, Programming, front-end, Lean, Agile y Canvas for companies, schools and entrepreneurs. Agency and Business Owner. With experience in Real-estate and Finance IAE. MBA Candidate 2020. Major in Communication and Advertising. Post-Grad in Finance and accounting Ditella.

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Gonzalo Rodiño

Creative Director & Brand Manager

Audiovisual Creator

Specialized in digital content for YouTube and Social Media made with  NeuroMarketing. Entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience  in advertising (Tourism, food and beverages, events and showbiz.).

Hipólito Gimenez Blanco

SEO Consultant Expert

SEO Strategy Specialist and Website & E-commerce Dev. Over 5 years leading E-commerce projects in LATAM.

Magdalena Penovi

Customer Success Lead

Major in advertising with 10 years of experience leading regional (LATAM) projects. As a PM focused on creativity, media and content. mgmt. Business accelerator, using data as a cornerstone to create creative solutions focused on real and measurable results.

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Lucia Fluck

Customer Success Manager

GoogleAds Implementation Specialist, Strategic planner and  creative advertising copywriter.  UX/UI Designer.

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Sebastián Olmedo

Customer Success Manager

GoogleAds Implementation & SEO  Specialist, Content creator and  web designer. Currently Studying a  Major in Economics. UBA.

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