Client: CardCookie


What we worked on

Ad management and Strategy

We manage and created the ad strategy for Google ads. Asessing and analizing the best way to use the ad budget for ongoinfg and new campaigns.

Comparative analisis Competiton

We made a benchmarking comparing other competitors ads to achever better results, we used our experience and expertice to work on solid copy to out rank the copmpetition.

SEO report and Organic Growth

We prepared and analized in depth the website so we could give a report on posible oportunities for implementations in programming copy and site structure and to drive more organic SEO towards the site.


Every action we make is oriented towards performance and growth to achieve real long lasting results as well as a solid concise and well thought out strategy.

Let's talk about the results


Organic Traffic





US Discounted Giftcard Reseller (Online) approached us to help them expand their business and be less dependent on other bigger resellers. 

The challenge in this case was the fact that there was a fierce competition.   Discounted Gift Card Resellers have low profit margins for each of the different giftcards. The ROAS they looked for had to be astonishingly good. They also had to focus on ranking organically better than their competitors in key brand-term keywords such as Starbucks, Target, Bestbuy and many other big name brands.  

Ad management and strategy:

Our focus when we get into an account is to have a deep understanding of what has worked and what hasn’t. We also look to understand how deep (how many different types of campaigns are used) and how granular (How many products and services are advertised within those campaigns).

Previously to our involvement with the account, Smart Shopping was not enabled. Smart Display wasn’t enabled as well as DSA ads. (Dynamic Search Ads.) Nowadays, these are the top earners, especially DSA ads. We always push the envelope in terms of what ads can do for our clients and we always help them attain a new level of ad strategy and income. 

Comparative Analysis:

Our work started with analyzing the competitors and assessing the quality of their ads. Focusing on great copywriting, putting the brand-term in front of our brand, we prepared ads with higher visual quality as well so as to be ahead of the curve and the competition. Our experience helps us know rapidly what could be improved in this comparative analysis.

Till this day almost 3 years after being involved with Cardcookie we work on giving them the best service possible with early access betas which only Google Partners like us can try out and those who use Ad-tech in the way that we do can use them to their full potential. 

SEO Report and Organic Growth:

After working over a year together improving ads and achieving a great initial growth we felt it was time and the account had matured to work on a bigger long-term project. We offered and then worked on an in-depth SEO Report in which we used our comparative analysis to create this report. We benchmarked Cardcookie, with a myriad of specialized tools, collecting large amounts of data from the competitors, what they were ranking and how they were ranking.  This report was over +60 Pages of an ad-hoc report on many of the long term SEO strategies that would help them win over their competitors and it was also a way to focus on watching and seeing what others were building and focusing on. We know that a long term year/year and a half strategy can be difficult to invest time and money in.

So we focused on showing in the first part of this report the easy wins/quick fixes that could help them in the upcoming Holiday Season (Oct-Dec 2018) at that time, as well as the long term changes they could be working on. The results were spectacular.