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How does SEO affect your business?

Businesses need, on a commercial level, to generate quality visits to their site. Therefore, they require the site to be easily interpreted by Google. This is where the implementation of SEO techniques is necessary. The SEO work consists, first of all, of an audit of the site. Then the needs of the users are surveyed and the most relevant keywords in the sector are investigated.


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Types of services for SEO clients


01. SEO On page 

02. SEO Off page 

03. SEO Content 

04. SEO Technical 

05. SEO Local 

06. SEO Niche 

07. SEO Ecommerce 

08. SEO Lead Training 

09. SEO Youtube

Improve your traffic now!

How is SEO in concept Growth Marketing?

When we work SEO from a growth marketing approach, we design user or buyer persona patterns to lead initiatives and optimizations focused on organic growth. In this way, it seeks to acquire new customers, boost leads, increase sales and nurture existing content. We get involved and align with our clients to create and optimize side by side what is necessary for their growth.

Seo What do we do? Meet some of our tasks:


We detect the most important keywords defined for your business and niche.

in CTR

We improve the main SEO metrics, including Click Through Rate.

Creation of
Original Themes

We analyze, optimize and generate content pillars focused on causing interest in users.


We are detailed in the edition of our content. We offer in SEO seriousness, objectivity and good practices.


We detect the most important keywords defined for your business and niche.

On Page

We optimize at a structural, technical and semantic level all the On page content of the sites.

Off page

We make improvements Off-Page across various sites. We seek to take that last necessary step to capture our user.


We focus on the internal links system of the sites, with the aim of being able to be at the best level in front of the search engines.


We work with various tactics to improve the Domain Rating, or domain rating and position ourselves as references.

Stronger data and analytics

We aim to go to the depths of the data in order to better focus our clients’ campaign.

Improvement of internal links

We are thorough in terms of indexing, tracking and capturing users interested in our content.


We improve at the web performance level all possible aspects of the sites.

Seo Success cases in Growketing

A comprehensive SEO strategy for boost brand growth

Crehana is one of the main online education companies in Peru that is among the best in the Spanish-speaking market.

Simplified structures for Search Ads success

The Brick Armory is a US-based e-commerce store that sells compatible LEGO military-themed collectible figures worldwide.

Our work begins by analyzing competitors and evaluating their ads

CardCookie the online re-seller of US discount gift cards (Giftcards) contacted us to help them expand their business and become less dependent on other sellers.

We are one of the best rated agencies in Europe according to Google  >

Nuestros clientes


Our look at what’s new in the industry


Matías Carrillat

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Seo Frequent questions

What is marketing?

Marketing is the activity, a set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value to consumers, customers, partners, and society at large.

What is SEM?

It is a strategy in search engine marketing that refers to the direct investment of money. These are known as “Google Ads”, identified on the results page with the label “advertising”.

What is Growth marketing?

It is a set of marketing techniques that uses creativity, analytical thinking, website and social media metrics with the goal of selling through increased exposure.

What is Web Readiness?

Analyze and optimize the structure of a site to improve its health and increase the performance of Google Ads campaigns and the Conversion Rate.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program. Through Google Ads, you can create online ads to reach people at the exact moment they are interested in the products and services you offer.